I just got rear ended and now I'm stiff and having some pain. Was supposed to have a lesson tomorrow but will switch it to either Tuesday or Thursday. Is this enough time to recover?

Go to your doctor.
It depends on how you feel. It might be tempting ride even if you are in pain but if you are then I would not ride or go to the doctor just to have a check up. I've gotten bolted off before and fell on my tailbone really bad and I got a HUGE bruise but it healed up after about 4 days. I would try Thursday if you're just sore but if you don't feel better then I would wait a little bit more. Until then try to do some stretches and relax the muscles by putting a hot water bag on the part where you fell on. If you feel that you completely recovered then maybe Tuesday. I hope you feel better soon. Hope this helped!!
This will depend on if your really injured or just sore. If your just sore than it would probably be better to do it on Thursday. If your actually hurt then you might wanna take a little more time. I would just recommend get checked for a concussion before ridding, because you don't wanna ride and make something minor worse. :)
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