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Are quarter horses bad jumpers?

Are quarter horses bad jumpers?
Depends on the horse. There's no reason any specific breed would be bad at something with the proper training applied. I myself own a Quarter Horse, and he's a little eventing champ. Loves to jump, looks good at dressage, and could easily go western as well. The breed itself is incredibly versatile, and I've yet to see one that's a bad jumper.
my first horse was one and she did all three rings and was great.
I have a cross and he is very willing and loves it!
Some of them are
I have a quarter horse and he loves jumping but they are not going to be the highest jumps ever but it kind of depends on the horse
it just depends on the horse
I have a Quarter Horse that tries his heart out over the jumps. I think he's awesome!
I have a quarter horse. She's a adorable jumper.

She is very willing over jumps.

So I would say no!!! Quarter horses can jump with proper training.
it depends on the horse! there isn't really any reason why a qh couldn't be as good a jumper if not better than a fancy import. just depends on breeding and training!
I have a quarter horse that jumps 5ft. Over his paddock fences but he has nice form while going over them! ;)
Nope! About 2 years ago I was given a project horse and he happened to be a 6 year old quarter horse who was ridden western for 3 years. After about a year of working with him I realized just how much he actually loved jumping! He doesn't have flying changes but he ended up with amazing lead changes, and has jumped up to 3" So I believe almost any breed of horse can be a good jumper if the horse and rider have their heads in the game and want to do it. :)
No, not at all. It's just that quarter horses are usually ridden for western and are not really known as jumpers. Also, it depends on the horse. Some quarter horses might be better jumpers than others, on the other hand, some might need to be trained because they have no idea how to jump and keeps tripping. Thoroughbreds as mainly known for jumping, cross country, etc. but quarter horses can jump also. If you are planning on buying a quarter horse that has done other disciplines/was in the western world, then you might need to train it to jump like every other horse that is new to jumping.
I hope this helped!!
No, it is just the horses personal preference. I'm not sure how great they would be in the grand prix but who know 😜
Not nescessarily; they can be good jumpers even though they are mainly used in Western events like barrel racing, reining, and pleasure. I have an Appendix Quarter Horse (QH/ TB cross) and she's actually a fantastic jumper, being able to jump over 4'3" and she's only 15hh.
Most aren't bred to jump, so I'd say yes
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Depends on how they're brought up. Check their conformation before buying a quarter horse. If they're downhill, they will most likely be flat at the jump. I just bought a QH mare for cross country and she's a great jump
Not at all! My purebred stocky quarter horse is a fantastic jumper. In fact, I'm taking her to a hunter jumper show tomorrow! She loves it and does a great job. Jumping is a natural thing for horses so it doesn't matter the breed. More of how each individual horse moves and is trained!
Pure bred quarter horses are not good jumpers
I wouldn't say so, my friend has a TB x quarter horse who's a great little jumper. Depends what level of jumping but I don't think breed matters all that much because your horse may love jumping whilst someone's purpose bred jumper may hate it