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Shavings or no shavings in your horse trailer?

Shavings or no shavings in your horse trailer?
No shavings it just blows in there faces and makes a big mess
No shavings because when your driving it will blow around and then they end up breathing it in
I use so.e shavings to absorb urine but I don't use many so they don't blow around as much
Definitely shavings . Good for extra cushion for their legs. Some horses won't pee without shavings. They keep the horses from slipping when you stop hard too. It's just an overall easier ride which is the idea anyways.
My horses don't pee in the trailer so I don't really need them.
I don't use shavings because I don't haul far so I don't need them
Always shavings!
Shavings, no shavings is dangerous as the mats can get slippery and the shavings do provide some cushion.
Yes shavings
Shavings as I've had a horse slip over before from peeing and the floor didn't soak it up so always use shavings now
Yes defiantly shavings
Shavings for sure
We use heavier larger shavings. It soaks up the pee and keeps the mats from getting slick