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What's your favorite equestrian youtuber?

What's your favorite equestrian youtuber?
Justine Palmer
Claire Eventing, Equestrian Prep, Hayitsmaya, Daria Mozie, JETeventing... that's what I mostly watch.
EquestrianPrep & HannahLucy
Hayitsmaya and JETeventing
Hannah Lucy, marina avilon shelby Dennis, Theresa moser and holly lenahan
JETeventing 🙌🏼❤️
Hailey Hart
Equine obsession she's great
Claire Eventing & Nicole Equestrian
Annie Beetle- but I might be a little biased hehehe!
EquestrianPred , Eddiesgun , Claireeventing
Theresa Moser !!
I also watch reeceoliviasimpson and eddies gun:)
I LOVE watching Raleigh Link 14, Claire Eventing, Hay it's Maya and Allie Bost. I used to watch Nichole Equestrian.
Jet eventing, Claire eventing, hay it's maya, Daria mozie, raleighlink14
Smartpak, hayitsmaya, Theresa moser, Elisa Wallace and equestrian prep.
EquestrianPrep, horseshowbeauty, NicoleEquestrian, eventiontv
Claire eventing, Nicole Equestrian, Theresa Moser, Marina Avalona, JET Eventing, Shelby Dennis
Clare eventing,simply equine 27
equestrian prep and marina avalon