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How many pairs of breeches do you have?

How many pairs of breeches do you have?
to many to count
I have bit of a problem 😂 Whenever I'm shopping for breeches I always buy more than I need. Right now I own 13 pairs of breeches.
i ride in tailored sportsmans and have three showing, five schooling!! i have one pair equiline & two of ghodhos!
4 pairs
4 and going to get rid of 2 pairs and buy a couple more comfy pairs soon.
4 I think. But I do ride English in jeans a lot of the time
Honestly to many to count! Maybe around 17? Some are for showing and some are for schooling. I like a wide variety of colors and fits. :)
8 or 9
Different pair for everyday of the week :)
I think