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I am scared of big horses but not ponies. Advice please ? :(

I am scared of big horses but not ponies. Advice please ? :(
Horses are easier to ride than ponies and seem to be more subtle, try riding a small horse and then once you're comfortable with that try just walking or even sitting on a larger h
When you are around then do lots of deep breaths and slow breathing. All horses can sense your emotions so being relaxed will help. If you have a trainer ask if you can work with the larger horses even just on the ground to start with. When your riding them it's no different than ponies except there stride is bigger. Most horses are more well behaved than horses because ponys usually have beginners on them and can get away with more.
Keep in mind that big horses tend to be more relaxed than ponies. They also tend to be better broke as there aren't as many experienced riders out there to train ponies because you have to be short, whereas just about anyone can ride a horse.
if you ride a pony now, try working up to bigger horses or you can get to know and trust a bigger horse, that will make you less scared. Hope i helped!
Try working with bigger horses and being around them more often. They are usually really gentle and have less of an attitude. They might take some time to get used to because of how big they are and there stride difference with ponies, etc. but they are just like ponies and usually even better. Also, big horses might be easier to work with. If you aren't afraid of ponies then working with big horses are going to be easier! I hope this helped!! :)
Try to start a bond with a bigger horse. They are usually kinder and more laid back. When you ride they aren't as bouncy as ponies and their strides are a little bigger. It may take some getting used to, but once you find the right horse and you bond with it, you will wonder why you were afraid of them in enfirst place.
Big horses tend to be kinder than ponies. It doesn't take a lot out of a pony to turn around and nip or kick you but big horses tend to be more laid back bc in order to do something like that they would need to move their huge bodies. It takes a lot of energy for them. As far as riding goes, it will be a big change from riding a pony to a big horse. The horse has longer legs and a bigger stride but they aren't as bouncy, which makes them easier to go with once you are used to it
Both because I'm so used to riding ponies
Are u scared of them on the ground or riding them?