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What are your opinions on Annie from Bratayley getting Luna and starting to ride Luna? (a 3yr old green mare) (Annie is also a green rider)

What are your opinions on Annie from Bratayley getting Luna and starting to ride Luna? (a 3yr old green mare) (Annie is also a green rider)
And the only reason she got that horse is because her YouTube channel reached 4 million
I have been riding since I was 5 and got bought an 8 year old naughty pony at 14 hands when I was 9, I had her for under a year when I realised I couldn't control her and give her the riding that she needed (like Annie and luna) so we sold her. I then got a different horse called polly at 14.3 hands, who is close to 28 years old, I only need to ride her a few times a week and she is great that's not me being lazy but I'm just taking time to build up my confidence that was wrecked by the first horse so I can then get a horse maybe next year like luna. I hope I wouldn't quite call Annie a horse abuser but it is sad and that horse probably doesn't even know that Annie is her owner. Annie should have been riding for at least 2 years before getting her first horse, and perhaps an older horse is best to start with.
For Rachael D, sorry if that is wrong, how green was your horse? I personally ride a mare who is only five, and is pretty green. Although she is a green horse, I had known her since she was one. She was quick to train, and a great match for me. I definitely wouldn't call myself green, but she has worked with many green riders despite the fact she is quite green herself. It depends on the horse. And I didn't start riding her before she was rid able.

However, this is definitely not the case with Luna and Annie. They don't click, she hasn't been around horses, it won't work and they will both get hurt.
Well I have been riding horses for 6 years and annie lives in L.A and people say she is a horse abuser witch is crazy I love annie to this day so I think she does deserve to have a horse but not
I don't think Annie should have a horse if she is never home to ride it that horse should have a way better home.
I knew it was wrong from the beginning. She is too young and knows nothing about horses. Plus it is 3yr old green mare that shouldn't even have a rider on her back yet since her spine is probably not done growing. It is a good horse that deserves a better family. It was a waste of the parents money, now she doesn't do anything with the poor horse since she lives in L.A.
I do agree that it could've worked out but now she lives and L.A. and i don't even see her at her old house ever because now she sings and does not think about that poor horse and its probably just a wast of good money that they could've spent on a better horse and an actual trainer
I think that Annie knows nothing about horses.she cant groom a horse on her own and not even put a saddle on or name the parts of a horse.I am not saying that I know every thing but I do know how to do a posting trot unlike Annie who cant even lead ride without a lunge line.
This was an absolutely stupid idea. I have been riding for 8 years and still don't have a horse, not because I don't have space or I'm poor but because I know that I'm still not ready for one. Don't get me wrong, I love horses more than anything but I'm just not ready for one. On the other hand, they're family just said " oh hey Annie want a horse? let's go and buy one right now ! " without even thinking about it. Ok I know Annie loves horses and whatever but just cause your rich doesn't mean you should get anything whenever you want. Also, they aren't even together most of the time. Just get a horse and ride it a few times a year and send it to a trainer! Easy Peasy! NO, it's not that easy. If your gonna get a horse at least love it and take care of it yourself not like a dumb brat sending it to a trainer to do whatever it needs to do. It's not gonna be long before that horse gets slaughtered because it can't be trained or loved.
I have been riding for only a month now but I always try my hardest to get to my horse Scotty he is already trained but I learn from him and I think he learns fro. Me as well if Annie spent more time with Luna Luna would be trained and not left alone in a stable
I think if she was more dedicated to Luna it would have ended up alright, that is if she worked hard, and tried riding different more experienced horses well Luna was being trained. I started riding 2 years ago, I had barely any experience besides a horse day camp, but the fact was it wasn’t a pony faze as I have been in love with horses since before I could walk. I know now a lot of different things and I am dedicated to my horses. I think it could have turned out okay if only she would have spent time training and practicing. I don’t think Luna will end up in a slaughter house for not being trained. Most likely she would end up sold. Lil spent most of her life with only a people sitting on her she is 11 now and has had 2 months of training and plenty of rides, she still has a long way to go.
Okay I have mixed feelings about this issue. So I have been riding for about a year and a half - 2 years and I’m 14 now. Yes, I still have so much to learn and about 3 months ago I bought myself a 4 year old green mare who was poorly broken in. But I have started properly training her for about a month and a half and she has already improved drastically and my trainers are even saying we von go into pony club next year but we still have a long journey ahead of us. Both me and my pony share a special bond and i am dedicated and determined to work for it not to mention I was on and off riding since I was 4with trails and a couple lesson.i also volunteered ata trail and lesson riding school for about a year so yes I have the experience.but I have done so much to get to this point Annie has only had a couple lessons and hwr parents have already bought her a horse, sporting helmet, boots ,chaps, jods and I don’t think Annie is ready for it or mature enough for it I mean yes we all have our childish dudes around horses but she doesn’t know how to care, tack or groom properly. Aswell she doesn’t know the proper safetyrules to be around horses. Annie can only really trot and on a lunge line so I don’t know what Katie and billy were thinking. I vounteered before buying and they should of leased even tho I didn’t I had the training and experience from volunteering. Luna is a novelty and I don’t want to see anything bad happen to either of them and because Luna isn’t being given the attention she needs and
I personally think it was a horrible idea..... Annie was in a pony phase she has soon grown out of.... she has only made 3 videos with Luna.... So much for love right? She is basically neglecting Luna and leaving her with a trainer. They moved to L.A. and left Luna if Annie truly loved Luna she would have pushed for bringing her...... Yes it is a bad pair Luna and Annie for as Annie does not know much about riding and has only had a couple lessons. Luna does not know much about being ridden and has only been a couple times...... This is the purest recipe for disaster. Soon Luna will probably be in a slaughter pen because Annie never visited her and Luna never learned how to love a person or how to be ridden properly..... Annie Leblanc is a horse abuser and getting away with it. The BRATayleys are only keeping Luna at this point to say they own a horse, They are not good rolemodels for new horse owners AT ALL.
It's a bad combination ones gong to get badly hurt
It makes me SOOOO mad I don't even want to explain it because it will take me like 30 minutes
Rachel D I agree with the bond because I have taught my sensitive 14 year old warmblood jumper dressage. The thing with Annie is the fact she rarely sees the horse and doesn't really ride it. If a green rider has dedication then the combo would work out. In this case Annie seems to be in a pony phase and only got a horse because they reached a certain amount of follower. Not because she really wanted one.
Sorry to be the only person who thinks that this could work out but here it goes! So when I started riding 5 years ago, I was a GREEN RIDER. I had been on and around horses before but not extensively. My parents bought me a 4 year old GREEN HORSE and it was the BEST thing that ever happened to me!!! When I look back, I would have NEVER wanted a finished horse instead! I believe that if this horse and the rider have a strong bond, it doesn't matter if they are both green! As long as you have help along the way(trainer) who will be there with you to teach you, your horse and you will learn TOGETHER! How awesome is that?!!! I got the opportunity to teach my horse things she didn't know! I have grown SO much more than other girls my age that had a finished horse from the start!! Now i can think about something I want my horse to do and she feels my energy and does it, without me having to say one word. People told me the same things you all are saying...that I would be too scared, I'd fall off( -and I did but guess what? I got back on!) that she would be too much horse for me, etc etc etc. Y'all need to just believe in the strength of a bond! Sorry not sorry for being the only person who feels this way! Or maybe I was just the only one to voice an opposing view but hey I'm glad I did! :):):)
I don't believe she should have that horse. I think if she wanted a horse she should have got a been there done that type of horse so she can grow as a rider
To add to my last post, Annie was obviously in a pony phase. They're actually moving to LA and leaving poor Luna. Hopefully she didn't suffer too much
Green rider and green horse is a dangerous combination