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What are best breeches for tall people ?

What are best breeches for tall people ?
I'm 5,11 and I just use regular old ariat breeches :)
I wear tailored sportsmans every day just because you can never go wrong in sizing.
Equiline and Pikeur are very good for tall people
Equiline if u have a short torso and long legs like me
tailored sportsmans and smartpak hadleys can be ordered long so i like those!
Brooke legacy equestrian are specialised in taller riders and they have breeches coming out soon
Tailored sportsman are good (but expensive) but they are really good for long people
Pikuer are also good breeches for tall people
I would say coming from a very tall person, that tailored sportsman are the best because they are super comfy and have a long option for taller people