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Do you have any good advice on starting liberty ?

Do you have any good advice on starting liberty ?
Even start on the lunge line and just play with the idea of your horse moving away and into pressure it's a crazy thing to adapt to but you will get the feel of it and have a better bond with your horse with can help when you ride too :)
Make sure to do everything you want to do in Liberty on a lead rope first! Have your foundation set so your horse will never be confused as to what you are asking! :) good luck
Start slow,. The last horse I leased before I bought my horse was fantastic at liberty, I trained him all myself, watch some videos aswell, and make sure you have some bond with your horse
Checkout YouTube lots of people have advice about liberty. Monty Roberts does some liberty stuff that is amazing. Try a join up first and if you've done it properly your horse will follow you around