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Does anyone know how to keep your grey horse grey before a show?

Does anyone know how to keep your grey horse grey before a show?
Hi, can blue shampoo and baking soda paste be used on the body as well? I have a showing and dressage show in a months time and there is a yellow stain that i struggle to get out.
putting a scrim on the night before and keeping it on as long as possible helps with dust and stains as well I use a slinky to keep my braids in place and it keeps their necks+ head covered from poopy stains!!
Quick silver bath the night before or mourning of and green spot while tacking up for the show if needed
*Whitening shampoo
*Baby powder
*Cowboy magic green spot remover
*Flysheet/ Cooper

I also recommend you to watch these videos from Noelle Floyd Magazine:

The thing about keeping grey horses clean is that it requires a lot of regular maintenance so you don't end up with really hard to wash out stains. Making sure they get bathed pretty regularly (not every day because you want to retain as much of their natural oils as possible) or even at least rinsing poop stains off. Blue shampoo is your best friend. Getting the tail white is again a lot of maintenance, but I first wash the tail once with blue shampoo. Then, take baking soda and mix it with blue shampoo to make a pasta and glob it all in the tail. Tie the tail into a knot and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then rinse it all out with vinegar and water. The baking soda binds to the stain, and the vinegar is what washes it all out. It smells funky but it works after a couple of treatments. That's the reason people use ketchup, it's actually the vinegar in the ketchup but it usually just ends up staining pink! Hope that helps.
lots and lots of quick silver
Cowboy magic green spot remover shampoo, (its cheaper than most whitening shampoos), and green spot remover. If you want more watch noelle floyd magazines video on "keeping your gray horse gray"
Use katchup it really works
Quik silver and maintaining a good grooming routine consistently before shows
Purple shampoo and vinegar
Green spot remover and purple shampoo right the night before the show
Use purple shampoo and if it's not too hot out use a slinky and a stable sheet to cover your horse:)
Green spot remover is a life saver! Highly recommend it. I also pick the stall out constantly, and usually try to get up early in the morning so o can't spot clean if need be
Bath your horse a couple days before if there really dirty or just bath the day before the show