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I often get very shy with my trainer, any tips on how to be more open?

I often get very shy with my trainer, any tips on how to be more open?
Get to know them more and create a bond! No need to feel afraid to ask questions! Trainers actually like it more when you ask questions it looks like you're willing to ask bc you wanna progress forward!
Don't be afraid to ask questions. But also don't limit your conversation with him/her to only how you are riding talk to him/her like anyone else
I'm so open with my trainer lol it just takes time and don't be nervous there job is to help us grow as riders and they only want good for us so don't get nervous. Tell her them what your thinking .. I just say what comes to my head and she laughs her ass off. Figure out why your shy with her and what you need to make yourself fell comfortable . Then start with the little things . Tell her if you don't want to do something don't be afraid of her . I hope this helps
I used to with my trainer, but I realized that there is no way for me to be a better rider unless I talk to her. If you are unsure of something, do not be afraid to ask questions! I am starting to be a much better rider because I started talking to her more and asking questions. Remember, your trainer is there to help you! If you are also riding at the same time, talk to your trainer and start a conversation.
Ask questions during your lessons if you're unsure of something etc!
Maybe ask her if you can shadow her for a day and follow her around that way you get to know a little more about who she is. That might help you open up to her especially if you find out her personality traits are similar to yours