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What do you think of a hackamore combined with a snaffle?

What do you think of a hackamore combined with a snaffle?
You can ware it its fine👍🏼
I think its fine
It can be a great combination. You would have to use double reins. Gives you more ability to decide which bit you want to put more of a biase on.
that would make the hackamore useless
It impossible
I don't really think that the problem is the training but the horse sensitivity, you have to use what works better for you horse. Just listen to your horse, he/she'd tell you what is more comfortable.
I really like the idea. I like it better then the hackabit because it is a little softer. I use the double bridle a lot to combine two great components
My friend rode two horses in a hackabit ( Beris Tandom) and loved it. I personally didn't like it on my horse but she has a very sensitive face 😂
I find that it is completely up to the person wanting to use it! Aslong as you aren’t using it inappropriately then what is the issue? Some horses are good in a snaffle and just need a little more for an extra reminder sometimes and maybe that reminder is the hackamore.
I do not find it necessary. If your horse is requiring both a bit and hackamore, than he needs more training. The horseworld needs to stop bitting up to try and “fix” problems
I think the horseworld needs to go easy on the equipment they are using. Direct pressure rather than leverage or pain. Horses weren't even built to hold humans on their back, let alone have metal in their mouth or ropes and chains over their head. The softest option is the best option in my opinion :)
Hackabits are becoming more common. If used in the right hands they are a very beneficial tool.
It helps a little with the throwing of the head but that’s about it
I think it is not necessarily a harsh piece of tack, but more of a "home-made" item. It would do it's job of putting enough pressure on the horses' mouth though.
A traditional English hackamore has shanks that provide leverage on the horse's poll and nose. This alone, if trained with correctly, should be plenty of pressure to communicate to the horse clear direction and speed. The additional use of a bit along with a hackamore is just invasive and adds additional, unnecessary pressure to the horses mouth. I personally don't agree with the combination of both - I'm all for the comfort of the horse. Having leverage on the nose and pressure in the mouth just does not appeal to any horse.
Depends on your horses reaction!
That's fine👍
hackabits are great! But it really depends on the horse
Training your horse is still better then adding pressure
With a snaffle? I don't think it's severe at all. I think it's a great tool when you need just a little more breaks but don't want to go up in bit size. I like nose pressure on the ground. No sense in not utilizing it under saddle.