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Can you ride your horse even if they lost a front shoe?

Can you ride your horse even if they lost a front shoe?
depends wether the horse has a wedge or not, it can cause pain and discomfort to you horse depending on the circumstances.
yes u can
Yes but not for long one ride will be fine but get it fix as fast a posible🐴🦄
If you're out on the trail and gotta get home, you gotta get home. As long as your horse isn't acting sore and you avoid Rocky/gravel terrain, you should be fine. Not idea though if you're training
I would ride on the flat only even if they aren't sore.
My horse wenn she was young would lose a shoe every 2 weeks now she is better trained and it does not happen anny more. At first i did not ride but after a few times i would just ride her. In the zand it is fine as long as the horse is not lame. And get the farrier asap! 😉
I wouldn’t
I personally wouldn’t it sometimes unbalances horses and isn’t the best time to ride them check in with your trainer tho!
As long as they are not sore or in any pain but I would not over do it with the riding
It’s not recommended especially for performance horses. Because missing a shoe makes them uneven and it can cause them to become lame after a while. It’s better to stay safe and schedule a ferried visit and have it fixed.
get the farrier out as quick as possible and ride them on the flat and possibly not on the hard. I ride mine with shoes missing never made them any different x
You could but check with your horses vet
I wouldn't it would feel very uncomfortable
It's perfectly fine as long as they are not lame. A horse shoe is about 1/2 an inch at most thick it's not going to unbalance your horse even if you wanted it to
I don't find it very "healthy" since it causes the horse to be unbalanced or/and uneven. It also can cause the horse to become lame or more lame. So I do not advise it. Unless if your horse has lost both front shoes then I find it to be more lenient if to ride or not.
You can if they don't seem lame, however they are still going to be uneven so I wouldn't do anything strenuous and also if you do still ride without a shoe, you must wrap it in vet wrap or duct ta
If they aren't sore then I don't see why not. It also depends on what you want to do with them