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Do you know any tips for your first show?

Do you know any tips for your first show?
Bring a friend with you can tell then everything you need to do for some reason that really helps me also they can help you if your feeling ner
Have fun! Don't worry about winning a ribbon, just enjoy it and focus on learning how it all works!
Wear pajamas over your show clothes until you're ready to ride, drink lots of water, walk any jump courses you may have with your trainer, get off your horse in between classes to give them a break, don't overdo it in the warm up, and have fun!
My tip is to not be disappointed when things don't work out on your first show.
I think the recipe of being successful in shows is trying and trying and trying until you find your own routine and how you handle your horse in the arena.
Eat good before a show
Get a good night sleep
Don't get nervous keep calm!
*If it's your first show, you should have a parent and trainer with you 😊👍🏽

Good luck at your first show!