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How did you decide what discipline was for you ?

How did you decide what discipline was for you ?
I fell in love with show jumping, so that’s how I knew it was for me. The sheer love for it!
I had always marked my horse as being my western horse however my lease rides English and I ride Western and he is not confused so all is good :) He's pretty much multi-discipline.
I got a lesson in dressage with an amazing trainer.. she was just the best and kept me motivated..and the horse seemed to love it and her as well.
Tried many disciplines, but found the one that my horses and I love the most.
My Horse made me choose :D i did showjumping a lot and bought myself a youngster for showjumping to continue when my old horse will go in pension.
He was really really hot and sometimes to exited for the jumps that I started to do a lot of dressage work with him to keep him more balanced and more through.
He developed a talent and now we are doing 3rd Level Dressage and training at home the canter pirouettes and started with piaffe/ Passage work. I train with the Australian national dressage trainer in Germany and he has high hopes on my horse 🤔 So I guess I will stick with dressage.
The one I had the most fun it is how I chose jumpers and equitation
I just tried everything and found out which one was the most fun for me
Tried different things and stuck with most fun. And you can do more than one
Just tried different things and stuck to what I liked the most
I couldn't decide, perks of having a multidiscipline horse.
Have a go at everything, see what you love doing 😊
The old owner of my barn said that there was a jumping clinic at my barn, but then I realized that it was not just a clinic, it was weekly jumping lessons.
I tried a little bit of them all and now do the ones I really liked. I do contesting, hunt seat, hunters and dressage😂
I tried EVERYTHING until I fell in love with Jumpers.
Once I tried cross country training and I knew that eventing is the best for me ❤
Have an open mind and try to do as much as you can. Never turn down an opportunity to try a new discipline.
I think what ever you feel comfortable with and what ever you love I would do research or try all of them before you decide. Even sometimes pushing your self out of your comfort zone is good but what ever you choose I hope you like it
Literally tried everything, found the best fit for me and my horse, and then switched again when I sold him. Do whatever puts the biggest smile on your face!
I tried it and loved it