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When buying a new saddle, what is a game changer for you?

When buying a new saddle, what is a game changer for you?
How it fits my horse!! That always comes first in my opinion!!
Comfort and fit!! I personally prefer the air bags instead of wool flocked but that's just my preference. I feel that the horses move better and I also think it's my comfortable foe me! I hate stiff and crappy quality leather! So always a saddle with great leather! Check out DK saddlery! They're my favourite saddles ever and I have a 11 year old jumping saddle it's still in perfect condition! I've had their dressage saddles and western saddles! The best saddles in my opinion and so comfortable!! Every horse I've put it on I've seen drastic improvements!!
Fit for horse and rider. If it needs to be custom go custom
Comfort and fit. For both the horse and ride
Comfort for me and my horse
Comfort for me and my horse, I personally hate synthetic saddles
Fit, both horse(s) and myself, horse's comfort always comes first! I have a Bruno Delgrange and also like Prestige.
If it is comfortable or not and of it fits the horse
The quality of the leather and the flocking. I prefer calf or buffalo leather because of their softness and wool flocking because their is more shock obsortion than foam or air.
Leather. I don't like plasticy firm leather. I like soft buttery leather, i like a soft seat but still feel a tiny bit of firmness in the saddle. And im silly but I LOVE stitching designs on saddles. It gives the saddle personality
Interesting! For me it's the quality of the leather, how it feels when I'm riding in it and how well it fits my horse!
What condition the leather is in