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Is it normal for your horse to change color in different seasons?

Is it normal for your horse to change color in different seasons?
Yes completely normal !
Yup! 😁
Yes :)
Yes sweat and sunlight will bleach a horses cost.
yes completely normal
Yes, it’s totally normal. My horse during the winter is lighter than he is during the summer.
Yes, completely normal. Throughout the winter, depending on the thickness of the coat, the hair should appear darker. My horse is a bay, and has lighter points around his muzzle, but when his winter coat is in full bloom, he's one solid color. Once that coat sheds, or if bleaching occurs, their coat should change once more.
Yes, their coats usually bleach in the summer monthes bc of the sun.
Yes it is completely normal! Horses go through many different coats. As they shed out their winter coat and their summer coat grows it could be different lengths and colours. Also if you have a dark horse they tend to get bleached by the sun. My horses change colour too. My bay horse gets brighter in the summer and my buckskin gets brighter as well, mostly from the sun. I find putting a fly sheet in them helps protect them from the sun bleaching.
In the summer, they shed there hair, so it might look like there a different colour
Thank you!
Yes, my chestnut is always a little lighter in the winter with the longer hair. However my black horse fades in the summer sun.
yes in winter its cooler so they have mire fur and their hair grow so the top layer is lighter