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My new horse is a little bit spooky and old. How can I earn his trust so that he can help me in shows?

My new horse is a little bit spooky and old. How can I earn his trust so that he can help me in shows?
Thank you all for your time 😊
Usually i earn the trust of a horse when we both make positive experiences together.
When he spooks somewhere take your time and really calm down and make sure you are able to walk there with your horse after some time.
Everytime he follows you and nothing "bad" happens to him ( what he probably thought would happen otherwise he wouldn't be spooky) he learns that when he follows you, nothing bad will happen to him.

Rule 1:
Do everything with your horse even if it is difficult and even if it will take time and if it will get on your nerves - take your time and tell yourself everything will be fine in the end.
Never say: I can't go there and I can't do that because he is spooky.
Then he will stay spooky

Always take your time, never force him to do something he is afraid of.
He will probably do it for the moment but after that he will never do it again

Step by step.
Before going to the shows put him in the trailer and go somewhere else for training. In this way you make sure that you won't be a tiny bit nervous and you will be able to give him the safeness that he needs from you.

Every good experience that you make together will increase the trust between you two.

my horse was spooky and super crazy when I got him and he is now going everywhere with me and follows me like a dog without headcollar.

just believe that it will one day be super easy.

Ground work , and just spending time on foot with him. Like hand grazing , talking to him , playing... e.t.c, until you feel he has gained your trust .
And also, don't get him in the show ring right away but rather just take him to a show and just school him around rather than actually showing to get him used to everything
I won't spend lots and lots of time with him and desensitize him to things he's scared of. Could be a whip or a noise. Ground work does very well for spook
Spend a lot of time with him, play some music and give him some nice long grooming sessions, clean equipment outside his stable door so he can see you, let him follow you around as you check his paddock... let him get to know you in a no pressure environment and take the riding easy at first til you understand each other!
My horse is also a little spooky, and i have trained her from the ground (horsemanship), if you understand my english 😂. She is a lot calmer now☺