I'm doing my first jumper show next month. Do you have any tips or advice for a jumper show?

have fun! i love jumpers, i love the speed the turns the nail bitting experience hoping u dont touch a rail. since itll be your first jumper show play it safe dont worry about your time just go and get the expirence then once you get confortable with it you can try different turns and such

hope that made sense
Remember it's better to come home with a sound horse instead of a $2 ribbon. If it doesn't feel right don't make that inside turn. Keep your riding the same, don't try anything special to show off, don't get too cocky. Try to go as fast as you can, remember as long as you feel confident in your round and you're proud of what you learnt and know what to improve on it doesn't matter what place you get. You don't win or lose you either win and learn or learn. There's always something to improve on and shows are a great way to review your skills. Good luck!!!!
Don't fall off😂 And it's not all about the speed, it's about making tight turns and controlling your horse.
Look for inside tracks and take calculated risks as seconds count-make sure you really know your horse and how much they can be pushed. Take a second between your course and the jump off to wake them up, do a little hand gallop and get their attention on you. Mostly have fun!
Don't switch up any of your riding. Just because you see other riders doing things that you think you should try, don't. It's harder on your horse when you want to change things up the day of your show :)
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