How to keep myself motivated for riding? I took a break because I was traveling a lot and I want to keep riding.

@dianawellkamp thanks so much:)
I usually try to set myself a daily goal.
Per example:
Today I will work on my seat
Today I will work on my horses lateral flexibility
Today I will work on the collection
Today I will work on the transistions
Today I will work on the quality of my horses trot
Today I will work on the flying changes ( 4/3/2 tempi)
today I will work on the straightness and balance of my horse
Today I will work on the pirouettes and half passes
and so on ...

Usually when I go to the stables I am much more disciplined when I have a daily goal then when I don't have any daily goals because then each day at the barn looks the same and you can get bored easily.

Set realistic goals for the future.
For example
Next year I want to reach this or that level
Or in 4 years I want to win a .......... level test.
i want to do win 1 m oder 1.20 or 1.40
I want to be able to ride my horse with more sensible aids.
I want to reach another level of the training scale

I think goals keep you motivated and you should make your own goals for the future .
Then set smaller goals that will help you reach the final goal
And then set daily goals that will also help you to reach all the other goals
Think about how much it means to you and you could watch equestrian motivational videos on YouTube
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