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Whenever I start to trot my horse then coughs for a while after a few strides. This happens every time in all seasons.. He isn't old. What can be the problem?

Whenever I start to trot my horse then coughs for a while after a few strides. This happens every time in all seasons.. He isn't old. What can be the problem?
My teacher used to say "he's getting the cobwebs out of his lungs" so yeah it's just a warm up!
It's a warm up thing some horses do
my horse does the same thing, some horses simply warm up like that
Try wetting your horses hay. My horse used to cough a lot, but we wet her hay now and those symptoms haven't shown up
What I was told was when a human starts exercise they will get a mucus/phlegm discharge from where the lungs are working more. Clearing the pipes in a sense and horses do the same thing. If it's only with exercise I wouldn't worry too much. If it was any other time, I would look into it more. Mine do the same whenever they move a bit more after standing around especially when stabled.
some horses just warm up like that. my vet told me it's normal and it's just how there body desires to get ready to work. you shouldn't worry.
First thing I would look into is allergies, otherwise that's a horses way of relaxing (along with snorting and sneezing). My mare does that all the time when we get moving and the way I check to make sure nothing is wrong is if her outside ear is flopping around it means she's comfortable.
He may have allergies
Horses can have allergies just like people in the summer seasons, my boy does it too for a minuet and then just push them forward and you should be fine :)
Many horses do that whenever they go up a pace purely because it's easier to cough when they're moving quickly. If you having noticed breathing/health issues then you shouldn't worry about it. Almost all horses do it.
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Hi Iona!
One of my geldings does the exact same thing and he is only 6! He has had many test and has tried many breathing products but nothing really works. He is just reactive to the sand in arenas. I ride him more in our grass derby field and he doesn't cough as much. There really isn't much to do to fix this other than try some berating supplements ( most are very expensive though) or what I do is wet my horses feed which seems to help him a little bit! Hope this helps!
Sand or dust being inhaled may cause this
Might have allergies my fiends horse has them in the spring. He's on a power allergy medicine and that helps him
I highly doubt it's a cold. His nose would also be very runny. Try soaking his hay for several minutes before giving it to him and eliminate all dry hay
Yep try wet hay
My horse does this too. I usually just let him walk until he blows out and then he's fine.
He could have a cold. Horses can have a cold too and it is really dangerous if you don't cure it and ride it even if he coughs.

Otherwise it could be that your riding arena is very dusty and when you start to trot you swirl up a lot of dust.

Another thing could be that he is allergic to something that is in his environment.

i would suggest you to consult a vet just for a checkup of his lungs to see if everything is okay and if he has a cold. You can also ask him if he doesn't have a cold to make an allergy-test.

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