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What is your favorite marking on your horse?

What is your favorite marking on your horse?
I had a horse, she had a heart on her booty!
My horse has a little lightning bolt on her muzzle and I say she is as fast as lightning😂😂that's my horse's favorite marking
Blazer (on my page) Has a adorable slim zigzag stripe but at the top it's like a star and then he hasn't a snip on his nose! I think it's so cute
His zigzagged stripe defenetly, my friend thinks it looks like a moon. It's hard to explain, but if you want to see it, go in my horses section to the horse named Truman, and look at his face.
My chestnut has a giant black spot on his bum.
All of them! Love my baby!
Cochise has a little hook shape on his belly on the left side and on his neck he has one spot (so I call him my cookie) he's a paint lol
Mine has 4 tall white socks! Quite silly looking but so cutee
My mustang filly's little star and not really a marking but she is starting to get a lacey butt, and my thoroughbreds 2 back socks.