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What's your favorite memory of the old horse you had ?

What's your favorite memory of the old horse you had ?
I remember when I sold my first pony, on the last day at our barn I sat in the corner of her stall and balled my eyes out for hours and she layed down next to me and layed her head in my lap and whinnied. It made me sob more but oh well.. it's making me cry now bc it makes me so sad to think of it
Cherry Coke was such a beauty and listened to every cue. I was the last person to ever ride her until it was confirmed she could only be a breeding mare due to her broken pelvis.
I had a retired Grand Prix horse who just passed away two months ago, he kept jumping out of pasture and paddocks when he wanted to go another one or come in 😅
Beau was the first horse I ever took professional jumping and dressage lessons, he taught me so much and I will never forget him♥️
An older lesson horse that is still at the barn. Remi every time I went to get him or com to see him he becomes very vocal and will come cantering up to the gate
I was practicing an emergency dismount and my leg got caught on the saddle and i fell in mud while my horse looked at me like i was crazy😂