ASK Ravene : How do I help my performance horses, care & comfort wise? Regarding icing, poultice, hoof soaking, chiropractic, light therapy? Inexpensive but useful ways to do this?

Hello Kenzie,

The range Ravene offer a large choice of products to provide comfort and well-being to horses in general but also to sport horses.

The product range OPTIMISATION of the physical condition offers several supplements to prepare your horse to the effort or to provide him all the vitality he needs daily.

The product range RECUPERATION after the effort, offers an active clay (Tendiflex) as well as rehydrating products (Nutrilyte). Above all, never neglect recovery !

The product range SOINS SPECIFIQUE offers supplements for respiratory and joint comfort and stress management.

We also offer the range EASY FEET, a complete range to take care of your horse’s feet : ointment, oil, biotin… As well as a cosmetic product range EASY SHINE to shine on horseshows and a product range of SOINS EXTERNES in which you can find particularly a massage balm (Kinesyl) for muscular relaxation !

Don’t hesitate if you have questions about a product range or a product in particular. We’ll be glad to answer with more details.

Thanks and have a good weekend
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