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How to recover and gain confidence after a bad fall ?

How to recover and gain confidence after a bad fall ?
Take it slow
I would take ur time like others have said but I had a bad one, I fell on the jump, a lost some confidence but I really just sucked it up and did the jumps after I and then I was fine but I mostly did it because I had a show coming up.
Just try being around horses for a while and eventually you will feel comfortable around them don't push your self if your not ready
I had a really scary fall and I have been back to the basics of walk half seat and trotting. Agreeing with everyone else's answers take it slow and you'll be back to where you where in now time
Can start things form scratch or be with your horse abit more to see what it's like xx
Ok thanks @graceatkinson good to know I'm not alone I'll try taking it slow and see how it goes 💖
I had a bad fall last winter and started from the basics all over again, some ppl like to jump right back into the swing of things but I had a lot of lessons and rides where it was just walk trot canter. Don't be nervous everything will come back and it will fade :)
Thank you so much @cammiehills great advice I'll try everything and see how it goes thanks again 💕
Hello Niamh, my best advice would be to take your time, don't rush and take the recovery step by step. If you're riding in a club maybe you can ask to ride the horse you trust the most ?
Try to spend time with horses even when you're not riding to create a bond between your horse and you. And don't force yourself to start again jumping for example if you're not ready for it. Don't be afraid to tell your instructor about your fear he can also help you to get better. Good luck ! I'm sure it's going to be ok we've all been through difficulties with horses 😉