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What is the best gift for horse lover (female) to $500? :)

What is the best gift for horse lover (female) to $500? :)
Customized Equifit set(bonnet, boots, and half pad)
Oglivy half pad!!!!
Gift card to their fav tack store. Lets them get what they want. Or breeches, those are always nice
Horse hair bracelet, c4 belt, socks, and all that fun stuff
samsheild helmet, ogilvy/eco gold half pad, leather name bracelet with there horses name on it, polo wraps, grooming supplies.
Personally I'd get an ecogold saddle pad because they're so amazing!!! Or the half pads if you know they use half pads! If you know their horse's blanket size you could also get a back on track mesh sheet! They're amazing!! You could also maybe get them a customized leather halter with the name plate (again if you know their horse's size). Good luck!!
I know she already have min. 3 different helmets. Is it ok to have them more? :D
Samshield Helmets
Charles Owen Helmets
Embroidered Saddle Pads
Embroidered Jackets
Embroidered Rugs
Belts and socks are fun but with your budget you could get them a helmet or something that she has really wanted i personally love coolers as a gift
Hello Shane!
Horse gifts are the best gifts (am I right?!). But sometimes I know it's hard to pick out the one so here are my favorites ranked from $ (inexpensive) to $$$ expensive.
1: Engraved nameplate bracelets. $
2: Charles Owen helmets $$$
3: Embroidered Saddle pad $
4: Embrodered Jackets $$
5: C4 belts $ (I even have a 10% of code: C4GU7AQ)

There you go!! Enjoy :) all of the top 4 can be found on SmartPak, and the c4 belts can be found on

Hope this helps!
I personally love gift cards to Smartpak or Dover