What's the weirdest food you've fed your horse?

Pop tarts
We also give my friends pony cappuccino which he loves
Peanut butter jelly sandwich
Crunchy cheetos😂
Ham sandwich...yes, I shouldn't have gave it to her😂
Skittles one of my horses loves them but if u do give them only do 1-2
Lime tortilla chips
Mines taken my pizza off the shelf when I went to grab his actual cookie. He's also tried taking the sole of my moccasin, my coolata, probably a small child
My coach once fed my horse watermelon flavoured fruit juice
Beer, it helps them to sweat if they aren't. I know it sounds stupid but it's one of those wives tales that works.
Orange Crush, popsicles, coffee, hot chocolate, strawberries, cookie, bread, corn, beer and a few more I can't think of. Don't judge my horses have just had maybe a very small sip or bite and I wouldn't give them a lot of ANYTHING that would harm them. My horses are happy and healthy and that's all that matters! 😊
Yellow Carrots 😂
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