I've found that I can't get rid of the dust in my horse's coat. Any tips? He hates having baths which doesn't help

Try grooming him very well and use spray after you brush him every day I do this with every horse I have and there coats are barely dusty even if they roled and they are super shiny!
Using a towel or a rag works uper well
Absorbine's Santa Fe conditioning spray works wonders!
Using a very soft brush helps get some dust off.
*whitening spray
I like to use an Avon product called Skin-so-soft. Farmvet carries it. Or you can use a similar product. But I add it to a bucket of warm water, and soak a small towel in it. Then I curry the horse. Then I take the towel and rub the horse down with it (wring it out first). Then I take a large dry towel and dry/smooth the horse's coat out. Or the Lucky Braids Whitney spray work well if you just want to spray in on a towel and wipe the horse down with it (after fully brushing of course).
Rubbing with a damp cloth can help!
Scrub with a curry comb and then use a finishing brush
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