What can I put on a horse's nose once it's sunburned ? What cremes?

Aloe vera. My horse burns really easily, so I always buy spray on sport sunscreen to put on in the morning and aloe vera to put on at night.
aloe vera or sudacreme both work really well 😊
Personally, I've never had a burned nose but I have heard that aloe vera gel works well. It's a natural healer which sinks into the skin and is a soother too. That and a nose net work wonders together.
Desitin/diaper rash creme works really well
I didnt put anything on it directly, i just bought a fly mask with a nose and let the burn run its course
Creams with zinc in them tend to work pretty well (just be careful of whatever else is in them...)! Sometimes just putting sunscreen on it will help it heal, too
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