I'm debating whether I should lease and spend $2,400-$7,200 a year. Or save all that money and buy a horse at the end of the year for around $2,000-$6,000🤔 What would you do?

Buy defiantly! It will be TOTALY worth it!
The horse is the cheapest thing you'll buy, if you were to buy a horse you'll need to make sure that you'll have enough money when the horse looses a shoe, rips a rug, gets sick etc sometimes if your not sure, lease a horse for a few months then once your confident that you can afford it then buy a horse :)
Save the money to buy a horse bc then if you ever go to sell the horse then you will make money out of it.
Just save the money. In my opinion leases aren't worth it because you end up investing so much money on a horse that isn't even yours
Haha omg hey Laura! I love your channel but also I really want to buy but I'm nervous I won't know what to do
Buy! I personally dont think leasing is a must. Owning your own horse will be well worth it.
Buy your own so you can do whatever you want with it and no one can tell you what to do
Lease! That $2,000-$6,000 will only be the starting price! What about the vet? Farrier? Board? Trailering? Tack? Grooming supplies? Blankets?... etc. Start leasing and if you feel that you'll be able to afford your own horse and you're ready for that time and commitment then buy a horse! If you really want your own horse you could try a lease-to own option if you find the right horse! Good luck!!
I would start of by leaseing a horse and work your way up in fact I am leaseing a horse in September.
I leased a long time and ended up swapping to a 100$ lease and saved for the horse I own now :) you get a ton of experience with leases though
Lease before you buy that way you will know more what it's like before you own your own horse!
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