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How often do you guys take lessons?

How often do you guys take lessons?
once a week but get continual hel throughout the week
1-2 a week riding 6 days a week. Multiple horses.
My dad is my coach so it's easy 😜 So it's 4-5 times in a week and show the weekend
2 times a week but on holidays, 5-6 times a week
7 days in summer (riding a few different horses not just mine) (she gets a day or two off) but on school days 5 days a
2 times a week
I have two horses and take two on each one of them a week.
I train myself but I go to the barn when I can. So like 5 orb6 days a week. And the horses get a day off after a show
3-4 times a week and i hack by myself 2-3 times a week
During school 3x's a week, in the summer it's 5x's a week but only because I help with summer camp
1-3 a week
1-2 a month maybe modem before show/maybe less
Learning to ride, it was once a week.
Twice a week
Twice a week
2 dressage and 2 jumping
I take lessons once a week for three hours but soon I'll be riding three times a week
3-4 a week and more if I have a show coming up
2 -3 times sometimes more if I have a show coming up