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Do you prefer full seat or knee patch breeches? Why do you prefer them?

Do you prefer full seat or knee patch breeches? Why do you prefer them?
I like full seat.
knee patch because they are classic and a full seat is not necessary
Full seat. I think they help me with my seat and i like them to jump because it helps prevent me from getting ahead of my horse
Kneed patch full seats make it hard to get out of the tack over jumps
Knee patch
Knee patch
Full seat! Some full seat breeches are so uncomfortable so I see why some people would prefer knee patch. I LOVE my fits breeches!!! They're the best thing that has ever happened to me! They're super grippy! And they're really thin, so they're cool in the summer and surprisingly warm in the winter! And the most comfortable pants EVER! Honestly I don't take them off after I ride because they're so amazingly comfortable!! Bit pricey... but they hold up well and are totally worth it! The ones I have are the perforMAX all season. I haven't tried their other breeches but this one is my holy grail!
Knee patch with the silicone knee patches. I have a pair of full seat breeches and they keep on giving me a wedge every time I wear them
Full seat.. but then again I'm really in to those silicone patch things now.. you are so well seated in the saddle with full seat silicone patches
Full seat
Full seat last longer
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