My horse likes to cow kick in the cross ties when i'm brushing his stomach, do you know what might cause that? I only use soft brushes since he's very sensitive.

Ulcers maybe, if he is showing pain and another sign is weight loose for them
ulcers? these are symptoms of it, if not it could be a habit so giving treats when brushing there could help
Just make sure everybody around him stands a safe distance away
That's nothing to worry about it's just sensitive skin that's all. I know a bunch of horses that do that
Is it a new habit or he has always been doing that ? Anyway this is dangerous for you and he needs to be reeducated. You can maybe try to desensitize him ? He might be ticklish but the reaction you describe is very violent. If it's a new thing it can be a health problem : a sign of ulcer, or udder infection or injury. Check for any physical issue that might be causing the behavior. Horses do not just change their normal behavior for no reason. Maybe calling a vet can be a good idea if it's not getting better after the desensitization. Let us know if it gets better :) Good luck !
It's probably that your horse is Senti
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