Ask Ravene: What can I give to an ex broodmare who is going into a mixed herd who comes into season with a vengeance? She's easy to handle & ride but very tarty distracted & whingy !

Hello Megan,

What effect precisely do you want to provide your mare with a supplement ?
In our range ‘OPTIMISATION of the physical condition” you can find two products that could be suitable for her :

-NUTRILIFE+ is a supplement high in vitamins that contain all the elements to complete the daily ration of your mare, regardless of its activity. They are palatable pellets you mix with the ration, 90 grams every day (equal to a measure includes in the bucket) for a month. It contains 20 essentials ingredients (vitamins, minerals, calcium, phosphorus, antioxidants…)

-NUTRIGARLIC+ is also a supplement to add into the ration of your mare. It’s palatable pellets that contains essential ingredients including garlic which is easy to digest, linseed and cod liver oil combined, lithothamnium, beetroot, barley… You can give 30 grams (one measure include in the bucket) every day for a month and renew it 3 times in the year.

Concerning the personality distracted and capricious of your mare, in our range “SOINS SPECIFIQUES” you can find Becool that can help her to handle better the transition in her way of life. It’s a liquid that you mix in the ration at the rate of 30ml to 60ml each day for 2 to 4 weeks. It contains tryptophan , an amino acid essential for the stress regulation, associated with magnesium, passiflora and camomile.The measure has to be adapted depending on the reaction observed on the mare. It won’t affect your mare’s performances and won’t make her sleepy ! You can administer it the day of her integration into the herd, 4 hours before.
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