Do you have any simple ways to grow a mane ? My cob has a lovely long mane at the top of his neck but its completely gone at the bottom, being rubbed out.

Rinse, not finish.
I would add supplements to your horse's diet! Also try cutting off all the dead, and gross looking mane and then shampooing, conditiontioning and finishing your mane. Put in a leave in condition typ product I even use human type stuff and then add some detangler and then comb it through. Let your horse's mane air dry and then braid it. I would do this about once a week, and the result is amazing!! Good luck!
@rebeccashaw I found all of this out from my own mare. I have an Appaloosa mare who grows hair slower than a snail takes to get from A to B! She came back to me hogged & it looked like a toothbrush, that was the October & by March it had grow back fully with the use of Seaweed & a lycra hood to stop her rug rubbing. I hope it helps!
@hoovesoffreedom thank you so much! Finn doesn't wear a rug and tends to be by himself but I will certainly give those a try, I just wish that with the feathers he has he could grow a mane just as quick
Hi Rebecca, with mane growth you are best adding biotin to the diet aids hair and horn growth. I have previously used Seaweed as it's a natural form and from Equimins 1kg bag is £3 something.
Also, if your horse is rugged, get a lycra hood/neck cover to stop the rubbing from that. If it's from grooming with a field mate, putting something that smells/tastes vile on it will stop that.
Another thing, I use a detangler spray which is silicone based to stop the mane and tails knotting as that can cause big clumps to come out and break when brushing.
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