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What makes a good trainer and what makes a bad one?

What makes a good trainer and what makes a bad one?
Sometimes my trainer is on her phone but only when my lesson is done or she knows I'm ok when I'm flatting every once and a while but with her beginners she doesn't go on her phone ever not unless she absaloutly needs to and tells them to walk for a little bit
A good trainer tells you what to improve on every time you ride and don't tell you to do the stuff over and over and if they have successful students that's a good sign and they should be focused a little scary or super scary like mine but I love her and committed to their kids and teaches you stuff even without having a lesson and a bad trainer is an unfocused trainer that doesn't pay attention to you much they just make you get on and ride then your
Good Trainer:
- Comitted
- Focused
- Works individually to meet each rider's needs
- Knowledgable about the sport and your division along with the rules and regulations
- Kind and understanding
- Supportive
- Dedicated

Bad Trainer:
- On phone during lessons
- Picks favorites
- Engages in barn drama
- goes against the riders instincs
- doesn't enjoy doing their job
- abusive to rider and horse
- pushes rider to far or not enough
In my opinion a good trainer is up front with you and will let you train with other people. My old trainer has lied to me countless times. A good trainer focuses more on the advancing people then beginners (depending on what your doing and your level). A good trainer takes great care of his/ her horses and doesn't over breed or have too many. A good trainer is someone who has experience in the equine world whether that's hunter jumper shows or rodeos it's someone who knows their way around.
I think also see if you are getting results in a positive way, and if you enjoy their coaching style then they're good. Sometimes it's good to go to different clinics to get input from different coaches and see what they think as well to compare. Also a trainer that is genuinely interested in you and your horse making progress makes a big difference
Good trainer: some one who pushed you but is also encouraging. Someone you can trust and feel safe around

Bad trainer: Some one who yells at you or makes comments that hurt your self esteem. Makes you feel unsafe or uneasy. Your never good enough to them
Good trainer: supportive but Strict. She will push you to your limits, but in a nice way and will open you to new opportunities.

Bad trainer: yells at you for making simple mistakes and not teaching you new things or pushing you to your limits.