What would be a good show name for a chestnut gelding with personality?

Central Park
Burning Arrow, Catch me, Bronze Comet
There's a chestnut gelding at my barn named Pilgrim which I'm sure something with that would be adorable, or maybe Limited Edition, Keep It Cash, Gold Edition, Prince Charming, Wild Miles, Comanche's Echo, Dragon's Sunrise, Whiskey Makes History, Hot Expectations, Exotic Flames, Stuck In Lava, or Saint's Beginning.
Thanks everyone! I was looking for ideas and finally go some!
Something special, so be it, surprise, yes I do, touch of gold, or touch down
Talk Of The Town
Something Special
stubborn but energetic faithful and loyal and he does not like the bit LOL
Mr. Ed ;-)
What kind of personality?? I havd a few show names x
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