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I need to buy a new helmet, body protector, boots and chaps. Do you have any recommendations?

I need to buy a new helmet, body protector, boots and chaps. Do you have any recommendations?
Don't know body protectors
Artist or tall boots paralantis
And Arita chaps
Tipperary is great for body protectors and helmets too
Charles Owen!! It is super comfortable and classy looking!!
samshield helmet, i ride in tall boots so w those i'd go parlanti or f.lli fabbri. paddock boots i'd go w ariat or parlanti's k komfy, half chaps i'd do ariat or parlanti again.
Charles Owens and one k is affordable and amazing, ariat half chaps are great
Artiat and tredstap tall boots are nice if you want to go down that road

I have a Charles Owens it's so nice except I wish they had more ventilation
One k are so nice and affordable with great ventilation
My legs are very long and skinny so I find the tredstep tall boots to be very nice and slim fitting to my leg; I tried ariats but they didn't fit my skinny legs well
Definitely recommend a Charles Owen helmet, so comfy and worth the money xx
I use a Onek helmet and a Charles Owen!! I love them both!!
I love my oneK helmet! You should get one too.
I love my Ariat Heritage Contour Tall boots they've lasted through rain, mud, trails, being stepped on and are so easy to clean. They polish up so nicely and are about 225 if i remember corr
Buy and IRH helmet. They're super affordable and they look almost the exact same as a Charles Owen helmet and they're comfortable too. Try a Tipperary body protector, they look great and they afforadable! Try ariat tall boots or if you want the paddock boots and chaps you could do ariat paddock boots with Horze chaps. The chaps are cheap but great quality and they're a faux leather so it looks like you're wearing a tall boot but you don't have to worry about the price of one or breaking it in.
SamShield helmet and maybe ariat boot I would recommend
I agree with Abby it depends on your price
Mhm i would recommend using 2 websites Naylors Equestrain and onlineforequine, The stuff on they are affordable depending on what ur looking for
As affordable as possible and I do cross country and showjumping
Depends on your price range and discipline
airowear hickstead jumping Body protector, Ventair riding hat, Shires oxford paddock boots and tredstep motion half chaps. They are all priced well xx