Does anyone have any ideas for a soft bit in mind or any good ruber bits for my 5yr ?

A rubber D-ring or a rubber full cheek(happy mouths)
Happy mouth is by far the best!! I use it on my horse and it amazing, great quality and very long lasting!! And it is apple flavored🍏😉!!
Thank u for the Suggestions guys,Megan i will look into the bit and will hopefully sort my problem as he has got quiete a sensitive mouth
Happy mouths
Poponcini harmony bits are really soft and nice also trust flexi soft!
Agree with Devon on the rubber happy mouth, but I have researched bits quite a lot and the thicker the mouth piece the more uncomfortable it can be due to the horse having a thick tongue and a narrow lower jaw/bars. I personally find double jointed, sweet iron with copper bits to be great on the sensitive mouth. The sweet iron technically rusts as it works, causing the horse to salivate and keep them soft. The copper quickly warms and has a similar effect to the sweet iron. I hope this helps.
What about a rubber happy mouth bit or a rubber d ring bit
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