Where can I get a monogrammed stall guard for cheap?

swanky saddle does monograms for stalls and saddles! not sure what their price range is but it's a reliable company
Look on SmartPak, it's a great website with good prices and lots of brands
Hi Gabrielle!
I have 2, One was from decopony.com (http://www.decopony.com/custom-stall-guards/) and it's my favorite! They starts at $49 and I wasn't able to find them cheeper than that. (Mine ended up being like $70)They can include logo, barn name, photo, horse's name, etc and they last for a VERY long time (have had mine for over 5 years and it still looks brand new). They also have $19 stall straps which I use for the stall guard although they don't always fit every doorway so I have some longer ones in case. My second one is from tacktruncks.net and it was $107. I don't think it was worth the price because it wasn't any nicer than the deco pony one. Hope this helped! :)
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