I always get confused when I have to track left or right? Do you have tips, It's very confusing.

What I do is look at the wall of the arena and think of my trainer says left I go the left side of the wall.
I'm with you. What I do is I have a way that I know is my better way. (Right) so if my trainer says go left I go my bad way
Thank you that makes more sense
When you are on your right lead your right hand will be on the inside. And when you re on your left lead your left hand will be on the inside.
I'm even more confused 😂😂😂
So do you mean outside by saying rail? So when I'm in an arena tracking right that means my right side is in the middle and my left side is on the outside. So if you did mean outside then it would be the exact opposite. So my horses are trained that when I ask them to extend at the trot I use inside leg. But when I'm asking to canter I put my outside leg on. It seems really confusing but once you get it it's SUPER easy trust me
So picturing that would the right leg be on the rail if ur tracking right and tracking left the left leg would be on the rail?
It took me a while too! So this is what I think: tracking right- right hand in the middle (right lead tracking right)
Tracking left- left hand in the middle (left lead tracking left)
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