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Do you know exercises to build my horses butt muscle/top line?

Do you know exercises to build my horses butt muscle/top line?
Turn on the haunches
Leg yields (lots) and haunches in stuff like that. Circles with the haunches in and also use draw rains. It'll make the top line strong and
Try using draw reins to Frame her up and it build top line muscle and try picking her head up to jumps to build her hind end uo
Go on trail rides regularly, introduce him to new things while riding him like something they would usually spook at and just make it more interesting for him... maybe even after working you could do a little bit of bareback or teach him new tricks
ok thanks so much that'd be great! @emilypeelhorses
Butt tucks and belly lifts. Have yor horse stand square and reach under his belly and depending on your horses sensitivity level you can run your nails along his stomach and he should lift his back up so it creates an almost straight line along his entire back. For butt tucks have your horse square and have his tied or someone holding him and run your nails down his butt on the muscles. He may try and walk forward to avoid it so having someone to hold is helpful. Dont ask for him to hold the stretch for too long in the beginning. Ill post both the butt tuck and belly lift videos on my pony so you can see what it should of look like
Going up and down hills regularly will help to build up shoulders and hind quarters 👍
My trainer tells us to go on a long trail ride either once or twice a week that has a good spot to canter/gallop through and has hills
Hills are really good for the hind-quarter muscle :) for the top line just ride him in a frame and he will build it up in no time :)