Do you have any ideas to make the mane grow faster? My horse had his vacations in the countryside and he came with only half of the mane he had! 😱 And show season starts in just a month!

Cow boy magic is an awesome gel that'll make it shine, straight, and grow.
If you don't like that I really like the equss mane and tail rebuilder
Feed it my horse can not grow a tail when I bought her they cut I off and I feed her about a table spoon every other day and it has really helped
Jajaja it does sound crazy @jovihorseshows but anyway, when you say "give" you mean like "apply it" or "feed him"??
I know it sounds crazy but i give my horse sugar free jello powder and it works really well
MTG or coconut oil works great. Good luck!
Try mtg and if that doesn't work you could buzz the mane possibly
MTG plus put in every day
Oh god... mtg works well, try that
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