I am not rich and cannot really afford a horse. Do you have any tips on ways I can help buy and pay for a horse?

Leading is the best option from my view
Paola Colon can i have a list of jobs in my area?
see i did lease a horse for a while but then it turned out the horse was could not show hunter/eq which is what my trainer wants me to do and there is no on horse to lease at my barn
At my barn they offer an option for peope to work off their board, by feeding, mucking stalls, etc. Not all barns have it but you could ask and Im sure you could work something out! Also, braiding at hunter shows can earn you a lot of money in a short amount of time! All horses at A and AA shows need to be braided and people will hire someone to braid their horse for $60+! If you practiced and became good at it, it would be a fun way to still be able to hang out with (sometimes very fancy) horses and make some money while doing it!
Try leasing it is a lot cheaper
I would try to lease a horse first before buying. I photograph and always save up my money. I can give you a lists of job ideas in your area, depending on what type you want to do(:
Try getting a job as a groom for horse shows and help around the barn for money cause at shows grooming is around 15-25 dollars for grooming at shows and barn work is around 25-45
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