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What is your favorite breeches brands and why? I'm looking for some new ones !

What is your favorite breeches brands and why? I'm looking for some new ones !
I absolutely love my Struck pants! They have have grippy knees and have an contoured leg so there is no buching behind your leg when you are in the saddle. They also have a line of thin grip on the waist band so when you tuck in your shirt it doesn't slide out but it is thin enough that if your shirt isn't tucked in you don't even notice! They are so comfy that I forget that I am wearing riding pants! They feel like a second skin!
Hi! You can try ShowRiders it's a French brand ! The breeches are not too expensive and there are very comfortable 👍
Kerrits, Noble Outfitters, Irideōn, and Devon Aire are all very comfortable. Noble Outfitters breeches are on the pricier side but definitely worth every penny. I have their signature front zip and am absolutely in love with them :)
Tailored Sportsmans and Equine Cotures
Horse pilot do the best breeches I've ever worn. The fabric is grippy but not too much and pre-formed. They are higher in the back so they dont slip down and very comfortable to wear and extensible. They exist in many colors, the only drawback is of course the price.
Pikeur rodrigo 👍🏻
FITS are my favourite breeches of all time! They last forever and ate surprisingly warm in winter, yet cool in summer! They have a full seat but it's only on the parts where you touch the saddle so you don't have extra fabric near your crotch, it also has a tummy panel, and they're just so comfortable!!! Great grip towards the saddle... quite pricey but I can assure you 100% that you'll never go back! The ones that I'm talk about is the PreformMAX full seat and they are the best things ever!! Check them out!!
Love kerrits and pikeur
Love my Dublin ones with the elasticated wasit, they're really comfy and fit nicely. Not too expensive either xx
I love Kerrits they are amazing
TAILORD SPORTSMANS are the absolute best!! They are all I where!!
Kerrits tuff rider and for show breeches RJ classics and tailord sportsmans
Kerrats they are comfy
Thank you! I'll look into those! 💙 @emmacneal
My all time favorites would be tailored sportsmans, but the price limits how many pairs i can get lol:p The smartpak piper breeches are super nice quality and for a reasonable price but the only drawback is that they are a thicker material and seem to make me really hot when i use them in the summer. Kerrits are probably my favorite summer breeches! While not always the trendiest, they are sooo breathable and the price is unbeatable!