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How often do you use a martingale to work your horse ?

How often do you use a martingale to work your horse ?
It depends on the horse, but for most I use a running martingale whenever I'm jumping. I personally find standing martingales too restrictive, so I never use them.
I use one every time I jump or if if haven't been ridden in awhile
i do pretty much every time. (not with a tie down tho) cause it's good to have just in case your saddle slips or whatever. better safe than sorry
Never ifyour horse needs any kind of tie down he has not been started right, they are just tools for people looking for a quick fix.
My hunter shows in a standing martingale so I ride him in it almost every time I ride but I will occasionally take it off when I am just going to flat becuase we have to have it off in under saddle classes anyway so I like to just practice with out it sometimes
I use a martingale every time I ride, but that's because she has always used one and I'm going to try her without one soon
I used to but don't anymore. I personally prefer to work out why the horse is throwing it's head up and trying to avoid the bit. I don't see how having a piece of equipment cutout the reins and yank down on the horses mouth is going to help anything.
I use one every ride
Whenever I'm schooling or jumping