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According to you, what is the key to be precise in the figures of a dressage test ?

According to you, what is the key to be precise in the figures of a dressage test ?
Riding in to the coners in very important. For a 20m circle you have 4 points,(every 1/4 circle). In the 10m you have 2 points (every 1/2) once you get to that point look(using your eyes) to the next point. This will keep you circle an actual circle. When you are riding circle inside leg and inside rain; to help with the bend. For schooling dont stop doing a circle intill its up to your standards or your trainers. Also when coming out of the circle (mainly stechy ones) show a little more power/go; in your test. This will show to the judge that you as a rider and get your horse back and say “hey get to my hand, use your hind end and ask for i little power, for this will also make your horse look a little more fancy if they are not the most fancy. Bringing up your overall gaits score. In 1st/2ed level, strechy circles are a doubles. (I think)
As just a navigation aspect if you horse is straight, supple and through, imagine riding you test on train tracks and keeping the horse between them. A well planned and well prepared test is beautiful to watch but hard to ride as it is riding every single step with precision and getting the most you can out of your horse. Corners for example are hugely underestimated by lower level riders and only til you watch a well schooled horse and a well prepared test (not matter what level) you will see just how much they are used. Best thing to do is watch top riders riding young horses and the closer you look you will be able to start identifying the half halts, making use of time and energy, preparation and therefore execution. My advice is hit YouTube and watch riders like Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester and watch how beautiful and accurate their tests are. Every little counts 👍
Planning your path, such as having a circle with four points but riding the horse with bend on your path. Preparing transitions in a timely manner is key also so that you are able to plan accordingly. Many riders miss circles/figures in dressage when they ride them on the rail too long or not at the right spot which makes planning your path an important key.
Hey! Besides your aids being correct in position and timing, I believe you can get precision by practice, lots and lots of practice!
Some people don't like to train their test too much at home, well I only train the hole test two or three times before the competition/apresentation, but I practice the figures all the time, so I know what feeling I'm looking for in my horse and how can I do it better
Hope it helps
Looking with your eyes
If you mean by the riders eq, I strongly believe that if you have a solid lower body(leg) you appear and do much better