I am about to talk to someone about leasing their horse what are some questions I should ask them?

Thank you all for answering it really helped out.
I agree with the previous answers but I'd also recommend signing a contract! Discuss who will pay any bills, can you have a photocopy of passport, what happens should the horse be injured and no longer ridable, i.e. Money or a replacement horse of similar calibre, length of time for notice if you wish to terminate the lease etc!
Hi Emily,

There's a few things you should ask really;
- Previous medical history.
- Any ongoing ailments or health issues.
- Is the horse shod or unshod.
- What is their reason for the horse going onto loan.
- What's the horses behaviour like when stabled, ridden in the arena, ridden out hacking, on his own & with other horses.
- What's the horse like to load & travel.
- What's the horse like to clip, shoe/with farrier, with the vet, dentist.
- Is the horse up to date with all routine health checks.
- Has the horse got any history of bucking, napping, rearing, spinning or bitting.
- Does the horse have any vices i.e. Crib biting, wind sucking, weaving etc.
- What are you expectations of the horse when out on loan.
- What are you happy for the horse to partake in.
- Anything that you wouldn't want the horse to do.
- Does the horse go out into a mixed herd or not.

That's all I can think of for now.
Ask about previous medical issues if they have any, how they ride and their aditude. Also ask about their potential and what their attitude is off property
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