Just curious as to what your opinions are on horse slaughter becoming legal in the United States after all the worm that has been done to stop it ?

it's either here in the US with USDA verified & regulated houses or foreign houses that are less regulated and less humane. either way it's going to happen - but here is the better option. lesser travel distance, more humane & regulated, & less wait time
Wow. That's awful, especially if you tried to stop it. :( Such a cruel world for every living creature... it breaks my heart.
And cruel
Bad I guess
I hate horse slaughter. It's so
Don't get me wrong I am super against horse slaughter but because it was illegal in the us people would send horses to Mexico where it is legal. Now the slaughterhouses in Mexico are truly terrible places and the horses are treated very cruelly, but now since it is legal in the us we can control how the horses are treated. I will never support horse slaughter but I am happier that we now can control how the horses will be treated.
A lot of the people I know who are in favor of it believe it's a good thing because it'll "put the bottom back in the horse market" or so they say. They believe it's a necessity in order for the industry to survive.

Knowing a lot about a certain part of the industry (which I won't name), I believe the real reason for reintroducing slaughter is so that abusive trainers can drug the crap out of their horses, abuse them, break them down, and then have somewhere legal to dump them once they're "useless" but still get that last $1,000 out of them. Impatience + illicit "training" practices + greed = a need for slaughter.

Plus, I'm really glad I moved away from Texas, where 2 of the 3 original slaughter plants were. Horse theft was unreal there back when the plants were open, and I worried all the time that my horses would get stolen and shipped off to slaughter...
It's terrible and people who approved it are scum bags
I think that the people who approved that are disgusting, awful, and sicotic. That is so horrible.
It is so sad. It makes me livid that horse slaughter happens and then they legalize it again in the US?? WTF?? It makes me sick and I don't even live in the US, I'm in Canada.
I think it's terrible and there is no where to escape it because it happens everywhere😭 I bet if all the equestrians would start a ban towards it we could stop slaughter
It's terrible
It is outrageous and cruel
I think it's terrible, and it makes me so mad that people would do this😡I watched raleighs video about it this morning and I agree with everything she said 100%. It sickens me that there are people like that in the USA
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