Do you know where I can find good young or older jumpers in Europe?
I've looked at Capital Stud, German Horse Center and Top Horses LLC.

At my work at Veldstar Stables in the Netherlands they have a lot of young and more experienced (up to 2** or 3*** international level) horses for sale, new ones coming every week or so. They can arrange accommodation for you if you want to look for a couple of days/weeks, contact a couple of barns in the rest of the country to find you the perfect horse, have a vet take xrays and can arrange transportation to get your new horses over to your country. You can contact us by our website 😊, horsetelex sales and are just some websites we use in the Netherlands.
I have a friend of mine in England that is super good. He trains young horses on his own and he's very honest. Look at PB Equine on Fb.
"Stall Bergan" in Norway has a lot of good hoeses, and "bull sporthorses"Alds have
Italy is a good place to look. Zangersheid horses are really nice and they are in Germany. Look them up. They all have a Z at the end of their show name
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